Name:HP GSA-T40L
model:HP GSA-T40L
Model is one of this at your choice: HP GSA-T20L GSA-T40L AD-7561A DS8AZH TS-L632 UJ-861, UJ-851 (by default is TS-L632)
8X Write DVD-R
8X Write DVD+R
6X Write DVD-RW
6X Write DVD+RW
24X Write CD-R
24X Write CD-RW
4X DVD+R DL Dual(double) Layer
24X Read CD
8X Read DVD
Compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
This is a genuine / original HP Part DVD Burner Drive. Now you can make your own DVDs directly with your HP Pavilion laptop. This Dual Format drive lets you record on both + and - type disks which saves you the hassle of looking for the right type of disk. Dual Layer technologys enables you to burn DVDs double the size of regular DVDs; most DVD movies are on Dual Layer disks. The LightScribe Technology allows you to print directly onto the disk to make a professional look