Name:NEC 6500A
model:NEC 6500A
detailed:Auction Features and Benefits Section
You're biding on : BrandNew CD/VCD/DVD?óRW Laser Pickup w/Dual Layer.
It is a Laser Pick-up Unit for NEC ND-6500A Optical Drive
If your burner failed to read or burn CD, DVD then you need this Len (see picture)
Save you a big money to get a new drive
Easy 1-2-3 (3 minus to replace it) Save you a big buck and configuration issue for a new drive.
8X Write DVD-R
8X Write DVD+R
4X Write DVD-RW
4X Write DVD+RW
24X Write CD-R
24X Write CD-RW
DVD+R DL Dual(double) Layer: 2.4X Write
24X Read CD
8X Read DVD