Name:Founder R610N
model:Founder R610N
Name:Toshiba A80 15.0
model:Toshiba A80
detailed:Left & Right Hinge Set For 15.0" LCD Display
Part Number:AMAT1014000 L,AMAT101...
Name:LENOVO Y510/Y520
model:LENOVO Y510 Y520
detailed:CBK Store Number:HI-IBM-09
Screen Size:15.4"
One set (left & right) NEW L...
Name:LENOVO N100
model:LENOVO N100

Compatible with Part no:L: AMZHW000100, R: AMZHW000200Lenovo 3000 hinges 15.4"

Name:LENOVO 125
model:LENOVO 125
detailed:New LCD Screen Hinges for Laptop Lenovo 125 LE1-R LE1-L
Part Number: AJT, FBLE1011...
Name:IBM T500 15.4
model:IBM T500
detailed:Fit laptop models:
lenovo thinkpad T500 for 15.4" LCD models laptops
Name:IBM T60 14.1
model:IBM T60
detailed:Part Number:41V9901
CBK Store Number: HI-IBM-01
Screen Size:14.1"
Name:IBM T40 14
model:IBM T40
detailed:One set (left & right) of New Laptop hinge for IBM Thinkpad.
Part Number:91P8...
Name:IBM SL500
model:IBM SL500
detailed:FRU Part Number : 43Y9690
Left & Right Hinge set For 15" LCD Display
ASM P/...
Name:IBM R61E 15
model:IBM R61E
detailed:Compatible Number :41W5153
One set (left & right) NEW IBM Thinkpad laptop hing...
Name:HP ZV5000
model:HP ZV5000
detailed:Part Number : AMHR631J01, AMHR631F010, AMHR631J010
Product ID : New LCD Hinges HP ...
Name:HP V3000 14.1”
model:HP V3000
detailed:Compatible Part Number ; 417103-001
HP Compaq Presario V3000 V31...
Name:HP NV4000 12.1
model:HP NV4000
detailed:CBK Store Number: HI-HCQ-02
Screen Size: 12.1"
Condition: One set (left &...
Name:HP NC4200 12.1
model:HP NC4200
detailed:Product Name: HP Compaq NC4200 lcd hinges
Part Number: 383530-001
Name:HP NC6400 14.1
model:HP NC6400
detailed:Part Number: AM006000100
HP nc6400 14.1" LCD Back Cover with hinges and WiFi anten...
Name:HP DV9000
model:HP DV9000
detailed:Part Number:AT9A-SZS-L & AT9A-SZS-R; 3JAT9HATP05, 3JAT9HATP06, 3JAT9HATP21,3JAT9H...
Name:HP DV3000
model:HP DV3000
detailed:P/N:6053B0313401left& right 6053B0313601
Other info:Left&Right Hing set fo...
Name:HP DV2000
model:HP DV2000

Product Model :
HP Pavilion dv2000 CTO Notebook PC  EQ784AV 
HP P...

Name:HP 1500
model:HP 1500
detailed:Specification:Left & Right Hinge set LCD Display
Condition: Brand New...
Name:CQ 50 CQ 60
model:CQ 50 CQ 60
detailed:Pulled from Model: CQ60-233NR
Part Number: None found
Condition: Used, Working...
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