Laptop AC Adapters Problems
It would be hard to dispute that your laptop AC adapter may be the single most important piece of equipment you need. Without it, you wouldn't be able to use your computer after an hour or two. AC adapters run your computer and recharge the battery. Unfortunately, they do not last forever and they can be quite expensive to replace.
Eliminate the Obvious
If your AC power adapter is not working, it's best to eliminate the most obvious reasons before really starting to troubleshoot. Make sure that the outlet is live by plugging in another device such as a lamp. Check that the plug is secure in the wall and that the input is securely in the jack on your computer's end. You should also check that the prongs on the plug end are not broken off inside the plastic and have come loose, severing the current connection. Check the cord for fraying and damage.
Check the Power Brick
If you've determined that the outlet is working, disconnect the power adapter from the computer and plug it directly into the wall, bypassing any power strips or surge protectors. Your brick, which is the black box in the middle of your cord, should have an LED light on it that, when powered, should turn green. If yours does not have an LED light, feel the brick for heat and vibrations that will tell if you if it is receiving a current.
When Your Battery Won't Charge
If your battery won't charge and you've eliminated the obvious reasons concerning your adapter, you might want to take a look at your battery. Turn off your computer, remove the battery and check the connectors to make sure they are free of damage and debris. Replace the battery, making sure it fits properly and locks into place, and then reboot your computer.
AC Adapter Care
The main reasons that AC adapters fail are damage to the power brick from dropping or jarring it, cord damage from pets or pests and damaging the cord by winding it or bending it repeatedly. You can extend the life of your adapter by treating it gently, never pulling the cord to remove the plug from the wall and never pinching the cord in drawers, under furniture legs or in doors. Always keep your AC adapter in a cool place and uncovered.