How to Clean a Laptop Fan
Your laptop has several heat sinks and fans that cool the processor as it works. These areas like to collect dust, and dust makes the machine have to work harder while functioning,With a keen eye, some tiny screwdrivers and patient fingers, you can remove the dust and reassemble your laptop pretty easily.
Things You'll Need:
Magnetic screwdrivers
Cotton swab or compressed air
Step 1
Remove battery from laptop.
Step 2
Unscrew Ram cover. Remove plastic cover from behind battery area. Remove screws and keep track of where they come from.
Step 3
Remove plastic cover slowly. If it's stuck, go back and check for a screw you missed removing.
Step 4
Remove tiny screws over fan covers. Use magnetic screwdriver to avoid losing screws.
Step 5
Use cotton swab or compressed air to clean blades and heat sinks.
Step 6