How to Install a Gateway Laptop Screen
Step 1
Power down the Gateway laptop. Unplug the power cable and close the screen. Turn the laptop over.
Step 2
Locate the battery release latch at the upper-left end of the laptop. Push the latch to the left and pull the battery out of the laptop case. Turn the laptop back over and open the screen.
Step 3
Push the edge of the screwdriver underneath the screen hinge at the lower-right end of the LCD screen. Lift the hinge off the laptop and set it aside. Repeat the process with the hinges at the center and left side of the screen.
Step 4
Pull off the six screw covers along the top and bottom edge of the screen. Remove the screws underneath the covers.
Step 5
Pull the cover off the laptop screen. Locate the inverter board at the bottom edge of the screen. Remove the screw holding the inverter board to the LCD screen.
Step 6
Unplug the cables on the right and left ends of the inverter board. Pull the board off the screen. Remove the remaining screws along the sides of the LCD screen.
Step 7
Pull the LCD screen off the laptop and set it down gently on the keyboard. Unplug the video cable on the back of the LCD screen.
Step 8
Discard the old screen. Set the new screen on the laptop and connect the video cable to the back of the screen. Attach the screws on the side of the screen.
Step 9
Set the replacement inverter board onto the open port at the bottom edge of the laptop screen. Connect the screw and the two cables. Place the cover back on the screen and reattach the screws.
Step 10
Push the screw covers back onto the screws. Put the screen hinges back into place. Reconnect the battery and then power on the Gateway laptop to ensure the new screen is operational.